Installing the PEC

In a previous post, I promised to give instructions for installing the PEC Ejection Port Cover without removing the barrel.

Here is the trick and it involves one of the most useful tools I have: a Ziplock bag.

1. Using small flathead screwdrivers or punches, carefully remove the snap ring from the hinge pin in front the ejection port cover.

2. Place a Ziplock bag against the receiver of the rifle under the forward assist and brass deflector behind the ejection port cover. Ziplock bags can be used any time you want to make sure that you do not mar a finish.

3. Work the hinge pin back. You can pull it at first, then push from the front. The ejection port cover can be tilted up at the front as the pin is moved rearward, allowing the pin to be easily pushed from the front. remove the hinge pin and old ejection port cover.

4. Place the PEC Ejection port cover in place, but angled up at the front, and slide the hinge pin forward. You may need to tap it lightly with a polymer punch (you don’t want to cut through the bag with the sharp edge of a metal punch).


5. Once the pin is at least halfway through the spring port, slide the ejection port cover spring onto the pin, small leg first. Grab the long leg, bend the spring up toward you at the front, and wind the long leg clockwise one full turn to load the spring. Lay the long leg against the ejection port cover and press the hinge pin the rest of the way through the spring and into the other side of the ejection port cover to retain the spring.
10268559_716400245065010_2476528534135816071_n 10371495_716400228398345_2364171731568524590_n
6. Push the hinge pin the rest of the way forward.
7. Snap the snap ring back onto the groove in the hinge pin. I use a magnetic punch. I hang the snap ring from the punch with a finger and thumb on either side of it, place it against the pin, and just push it with the punch. It will snap right in place. Make sure it is fully in the groove.


Installed and ready for snap ring. Note that this is an improperly machined upper, so both the pin and cover are at an angle, yet the PEC’s adjustment allows it to be adjusted to fit the upper.

8. Using a jewelers screwdriver, with the ejection port open, adjust the detent up or down in the ejection port cover until the desired tension is reached. The cover should stay closed even when bumped, but should not be hard to snap closed. The PEC ejection port cover will prevent wear on new upper receivers and will work on worn uppers that will no longer hold a normal ejection port cover closed, and on .50 Beowulf rifles with their larger ejection ports


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