SHOT Show 2015: Mako Supports Discover Courage

CMOH Recipient Sammy Davis accepts a donation on behalf of Discover Courage.

From the media portrayal of soldiers suffering from PTSD as crazed killers to the new emphasis by the military to recognize and treat it, we are hearing a lot about PTSD these days. PTSD has long been misunderstood, labeled shell shock or combat fatigue in previous wars, or simply ignored. Almost all soldiers who have seen combat will be affected in some ways.

But family and friends of deployed soldiers are affected too. While a soldier is deployed, and busy with combat duties, those who remain behind are left to worry. When the soldier returns, he or she often needs to talk about combat experiences, but those who were left at home are glad the deployment is over, want to move forward, and don’t want to hear about it. Others just simply can’t understand, or think they are supporting the soldier with comments like, “We just need to nuke the whole place,” or, “Sorry you had to waste your time over there for nothing.” One of the most important avenues for dealing with PTSD, talking through experiences, feelings, and stress, is closed to the returning veteran.

Some veterans are involved in operations that they cannot discuss in detail with anyone other than those who were members of similar units.

To help veterans of certain special operations units deal with these issues, Discover Courage was formed. Among other things, Discover Courage provides opportunities for personnel from specific organizations to spend time with others from the same or similar organizations. Discover Courage is a veteran’s organization that is dedicated to providing services tailored to the particular needs of the special operations community – SEALs, DELTA, MARSOC and PJ’s (Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force).

At the Mako group booth at SHOT Show this year, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Sammy Davis was present to accept a donation from The Mako Group to support Discover Courage.

If you are not familiar with Sammy Davis and his actions at Firebase Cudgel, it is a story you must read. His motto, “You don’t lose until you quit trying,” was proven by his actions that night. Jay Manty, a 26-year Navy SEAL veteran and founder of Discover Courage, considers Sammy Davis to be one of his mentors.

The Mako Group presented a donation of $5,000 to support the Discover Courage mission.

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